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Henan Hanwei Electronics products in Ukraine
The gas analyzers used by NAC Naftogaz should meet GOST requirements, be easy in operation and have a reasonable price.   Now, at the time of a world economic crisis, the question of the pricing policy of a gas analyzer producer is of primary ...
Biogas analyzer overview
The renewable energy markets are growing rapidly. The biogas plant now is a typical element of modern non-waste production in many branches of agriculture and food industry. The newest environmental protection techniques are used in the design of suc...
Odorisation table
Of the tentative test of gas analyzer Qumat-110
№ Title Information 1 ...
Importance of the application of instruments for soil diagnostics in the growing of crops
There are optimal conditions for the growth of virtually any plant (cereal crops, vegetables, fruit trees, berries, flowers, etc.). They comprise, among others, soil temperature, moisture, acidity, and the amount of light received by the plant. There...
Statistics of "Qumat ® 110"
Statistical data on the use of "Qumat ® 110" over the past year in the laboratory of the Konstantinovskoe UGG.        ...
Gas odorization and problems of its control
Gas odor appearing in case of a leak is an essential element of the safety of the household use of inflammable gas. That is why gas is odorized, i.e. given a strong distinctive odor. Due to this procedure one can detect timely a gas leak.   Fo...
Gas analysis system for the preheating pusher furnace in a hot galvanizing line
Hot galvanizing, a simple and reliable method of protecting various steel articles and materials against corrosion, is now commonly used in industry. About 25 million tons of steel is galvanized every year. The most widely used method of applying zin...
Test report Gas analyzer QUMAT-110
Ausarbeitung von Prüfverfahren und Messvorschriften für Handmessgeräte zur Bestimmung des Odoriermittelgehaltes
Ausarbeitung von Prüfverfahren und Messvorschriften für Handmessgeräte zur Bestimmung des Odoriermittelgehaltes (DVGW-Forschungsvorhaben: 7.1.04)     1     Aufgabenstellung   In der überarbei...
  QUMAT-110 Combustible Gas Odorimeter
QUMAT-110 Combustible Gas Odorimeter (gas analyzer) Qumat®110 is excellent device for measuring of ethyl mercaptan, mercaptan sulfur and natural odorant SPM. It’s the generalized instrument of odorant’s control both in gas and in air of operating ar
Price: Negotiable.

  Laser Methane Leak Detector TEHNO-0411
Laser Methane Leak Detector TEHNO-0411А TEHNO-0411А is the unique device for detecting leak methane remotely within 50 m! Price: negotiable
Price: Negotiable.

  Gas detector TEHNO 32-69
TEHNO 32-69 has very high performance and wide range of detecting gases. It detects the place of leaking gas very quickly, even in hard-to-reach areas.
Price: Negotiable.

  Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter CAM-3000H1
CAM-3000H1 can be virtually applied to a wide range of measurement: ultra-pure liquids, potable water, chemicals, raw sewage, reclaimed water, cooling water, river water, plant effluent, etc.
Price: Negotiable.

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