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Laser Methane Leak Detector TEHNO-0411


Distributed feedback laser!
Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy!
Laser Methane Leak Detector TEHNO-0411 was developed by «TEHNOKOM GAS SERVIS» LTD based on introducing and absorbing advances foreign technologies. Now it has been developed successfully and put on the Ukrainian market. Compared with foreign like products, Laser Methane Leak Detector TEHNO-0411has a leading position in aspects of measuring accuracy, measuring rang, measuring distance, measuring stability and response time etc. Besides, the device operates in the most of hard-to-reach areas and dangerous places efficiently and effectively. It can be rated as leading product in the field of laser methane leak detector. Its high quality and exquisite techniques have won world wide acclaim among users.
Laser Methane Leak Detector TEHNO-0411 is the unique device for detecting leak methane remotely within 50 m! It has been widely used in many fields, including natural gas corporation, petrochemical industry, coal mine, gas station and so on, to monitor gases containing methane, such as methane, natural gas, marsh gas, liquefied gas. This detector solves problems about remote detection of methane leak to the full.
Operation principle
Laser Methane Leak Detector TEHNO-0411 uses sensitive laser technology known as TDLAS or Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy, which utilizes the characteristic absorption of methane to detect it and free from other gases influence.
When the instrument is working, the laser control unit controls the laser power to get a steady infrared laser beam. Then the laser beam is transmitted to handle unit via optical fiber. When the infrared beam out put from the handle unit passes through a gas plume, the methane absorbs a portion of the light and handle unit receive the absorbed light which is reflected by a topographic objects. The detector can deduce the corresponding concentration of methane by analysis the acquired data automatically and show on the display screen with an alarm.
Technical Data

Detect Object
Methane („R„N4)
Measurement Range
0 ~ 99999 ppm⋅m
Response Time
<0.1 s
Effective Detection Distance
1~50 m
Detection Method
Distributed feedback laser
Fault Warning
Audible alarm and reading on display
Self Test & Calibration
Built in self-calibration
Operating Temperature
Ѓ|20°„R ~ 50°„R
Storage Temperature
Ѓ|55°„R ~ 60°„R
90% RH, non-condensing
Power Supply
4.8 V Rechargeable NI-MH Battery
Battery Run Time
~ 4 hours„‡2
Exib II AT3
Laser Safety
IEC 60825-1
EN 61326-1:2006
EN 61326-2-2:2006
EN 61000-3-2:2006 +A2:2009
EN 61000-3-3:2008
Control Box: 260mm*210mm*105mm
Handle: length 220mm, diameter 25mm
2.5 kg
Carry Case


  • The detection distance is variable depending on object reflectivity and methane concentration.
  • The detection distance will be longer along with bigger object reflectivity or denser methane concentration.
  • The reading on the display is the average methane concentration of the gas cloud. Parts per million meter (ppm.m) is used to express the gas concentration.
  • Methane concentration is lighter than air therefore the leaking methane will be upward diffusion.
  • Direct the laser to the space right above the pipe or pipe location during inspection.
Detect methane in long distance, even through glass.
Just response to isolated strong absorption line of methane molecule that avoid to be interfered by other gas ingredients.
High sensitivity and very short response time (just 0.1 s).
LCD on handle unit will display measured integrated concentration and intensity.
Self calibration function.
Buzzer and read alarm.
Bluetooth ensure the alarm sound in noise environment.
Weight of both control box and laser handle unit is just 2.5 kg, it is suitable for portable detection.
It can be widely used for detecting leak of natural gas transferring pipe, environment of natural gas station and concentration of coal mine gas.


Laser Methane Leak Detector TEHNO-0411measures the integral concentration of leaking gas in the optical path. It means that if there are such two cases: firstly, there are high concentration and short length (figure 1), secondly, there are low concentration and long length (figure 2), the detection result could be the same when the products of optical path length and gas concentration are equal. For example, the optical path length of leaking gas is 1m and 0.5m respectively, the concentration of air mass is different, but the products of optical path length and gas concentration are equal, so the detected results of these two cases are the same.

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