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Gas detector TEHNO 32-69

Brief Introduction:
TEHNO 32-69 gas detector for industrial use has a high performance and wide detecting range. It can be used to detect methane, natural gases, propane, LPG, Hydrogen and other combustible gases and find the gas leaking point easily.
- Calibration-free on gas sensor
- Quick response to combustible gas leakage
- Long and flexible gooseneck tube
- Adjustable sensitivity
- 30-level LED / tricolor show
- Sensor fault self test
- Detecting Gas: Natural gas, LPG
- Sensitivity: better than 50ppm
- Detection range: Green LED: 500ppm-10000ppm;Yellow LED: 1000ppm-100000ppm;Red LED: 2000ppm-200000ppm
- Working condition: Temperature. -40oC-70oC Humidity: <=95% RH
- Warm-up time: <20S
- Response time: <10S
- Indication: 30 levels of LED indication
- Green: low concentration
- Yellow: middle concentration
- Red: high concentration
- Alarming levels: The shorter the frequent buzzer sound, the higher the concentration reach
- Power supply: Ni-H chargeable battery DC3.6V 1600mAh
- Charge time: 4-6 hours
- Using time of the battery: >8h
- Weight: about 310g
- Dimensions: L X W X H 170mm X 62mm X 26mm
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  Gas detector TEHNO 32-69
TEHNO 32-69 has very high performance and wide range of detecting gases. It detects the place of leaking gas very quickly, even in hard-to-reach areas.
Price: Negotiable.

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